Hearing Professionals now own Audicare

We’re the new owners of Audicare!

Hearing Professionals have acquired Audicare, an exceptional hearing care practice based in Melbourne (Collins St), Bundoora, and Geelong.

Thank you to David and Sheryl Pither!

Everyone at Hearing Professionals is delighted to be merging with the team at Audicare to serve your hearing care needs. All clients of Audicare, including clients of the Hearing Services Program, will find the transition to Hearing Professionals completely seamless. There is no paperwork to complete, as their Audicare file has been transferred to us at Hearing Professionals to ensure continuity of service. To David and Sheryl, we’d like to extend our great thanks in trusting Hearing Professionals to continue their legacy. David has given 44 years of service to people with hearing difficulties, so it’s understandable that he now wants to be relieved of the duties involved in running a business. With the support of our management team, David can focus on clinical services and volunteer work through Ears Inc. in third-world countries.

Independent. Trusted. Professional.

Hearing Professionals offer adult and child hearing evaluations, tinnitus treatments, and modern hearing aids. We’re also independent and family-owned, so we recommend the best clinical solutions from the widest range of treatments – including hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.

More locations for your hearing care

More locations for your hearing careWe have grown to become Melbourne’s foremost independent hearing care provider. So, all clients of Audicare and Hearing Professionals can now be seen at many more locations. Each of our locations has state-of-the-art audiological equipment and additional services, such as: Additionally, we offer hearing services for those who have suffered hearing loss due to workplace injury through Worksafe Victoria – whether that be by prolonged noise exposure or a sudden loud noise.

Proud to be providing hearing services to the local community for the last 25 years!

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