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Top-up hearing aids explained

Top-up hearing aids explained

Under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, if your hearing assessment shows a hearing device will assist you with your hearing and communication needs, you will have three options:
  1. Do nothing
  2. Be fitted with ‘free-to-client’ hearing aids
  3. Contribute the cost of hearing aids in order to receive more advanced technology
What is a free-to-client device?

These are entry level hearing aids that will certainly greatly enhance the quality of life of people living with hearing loss.  Additionally, they are equipped with features to help you manage in noise.

As hearing aid technology has advanced a great deal in the last decade, today’s free-to-client devices are probably on a par with mid-level and advanced hearing devices of 6 – 7 years ago.

Private insurance rebates

You may like to check with your private health insurance fund, if you have one, to determine what costs it may cover for you. These costs will be different for individual health funds and the level of coverage you have.

Top-up hearing aids explained
What is a top up device?

In order to access additional features and benefits in their hearing aids, clients are required to ‘top up’ – contribute to the cost of more advanced solutions.  But what level of technology and how much you wish to contribute is completely up to you.  Additional features and benefits may include:

  • Richer sound quality delivered through devices that have more frequency bands which allow a greater ability for the audiologist to fine tune your hearing aids. 
  • Greater clarity and comfort in noise, through more advanced noise management technology
  • More discreet solutions
  • Hearing aids that adjust automatically to changing listening environments
  • Ability for your hearing aids to act as wireless headsets for a range of other devices, such as TVs, mobile phones, iPods, stereos, iPads and more

To understand these features more, visit this page.

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