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Social & Environmental Responsibility

Social & Environmental Responsibility

At Hearing Professionals, we are passionate and proud of our responses to social and environmental responsibilities.

Social Responsibility and Values
  • We believe in equity for all clients to access excellent audiological services.
  • Best client outcomes should be achieved regardless of client affordability. Our clinics are spread across a large range of client demographics.
  • We are passionate about employing and training wonderful younger audiologists and to give them the best opportunities to grow and develop their skills for the profession to be sustainable into the future.
  • We empower our employees to be the ‘best they can be’ in their professional and personal lives.
  • We are passionate that Independent Audiology should remain viable and grow into the future to give clients non-conflicted freedom of choice. To this end, Hearing Professionals have purchased Independent clinics from fellow well-respected colleges in the industry so that the clinic continues to be independent with similar values and culture.
  • We often take on ‘pro-bono’ cases and provide services and hearing aids at no to minimal cost to those most in need and have slipped through the safety net in the Australian health system.
  • We promote the use of rechargeable batteries to mitigate the risk of small children inadvertently swallowing loose disposable hearing aid batteries.
Environmental Responsibilities

We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and to reduce waste. We do this by education, investment, and meaningful action.

  • The business has used ‘paperless’ files since inception in 1997. All client files are electronic thereby reducing paper.
  • Any paper used is securely shredded and recycled by an accredited third party.
  • We actively promote the use of rechargeable hearing aids eliminating the need to consume and dispose of batteries.
  • All of our consumable batteries that are sold are Mercury-free.
  • We offer a battery recycling service at each of our main clinics. These batteries are sent to a specialised recycling company to re-use precious metals and ‘rare earth’ elements used to remake batteries.
  • We have installed solar panels onto most of our clinics, which date back to 2016. Ivanhoe, Bundoora, Burwood, and Wodonga all have solar panels. Since 2016 we have produced over 40,000 kWh of solar power, which has an equivalent carbon offset of 250 trees.
  • When we need to purchase electricity, we purchase electricity from Red Energy (Owned by Snowy Hydro) which sources energy from hydro-generation whenever possible.
Solar panels are installed at three of our centres.
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