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Siemens Micon – A Look Into The Technology

Rarely does new technology come along that really seems to produce a remarkable increase in client satisfaction than devices that have come before.  We are very happy to report that this is exactly what we have been witnessing with new clients fitted with the Siemens Micon range of hearing aids.

Clients who have had previous experience with hearing devices have been reporting:

  • Significant improvement following  conversation in noisy environments
  • Greater clarity, crispness and richness of both speech and environmental sounds
  • Extremely easy to use through the reliable automated adaption to changing listening environments

But it is not just experienced hearing aid wearers who have expressed great satisfaction.  New users are acclimatising more easily and rapidly to amplification provided by these devices than hearing aids of the past.

The micon range having the ability to process incoming sound into three times more frequency channels than other high-tech devices.  This allows the micon devices to be better tailored to a user’s hearing loss and handle background noise  with less affect on the overall sound of the hearing aid.

Micon is offered in a range of discreet models and technology (price levels), so is provided in devices that suit many people’s needs and budgets.

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