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ReSound LiNX explained in a video

ReSound LiNX offers a superior sound experience, setting new standards for hearing aid performance. This Made for iPhone hearing aid provides direct sound streaming, personalized to your every need.

Best wireless technology: ReSound LiNX

Danish hearing aid manufacturer ReSound has launched unveiled its new hearing aid, the ReSound LiNX.  It is the first partnership between Apple and a hearing aid company and allows the ReSound LiNX to work seamlessly with devices such as the market-leading iPhone, iPad and iPod.

How does it work?

The ReSound LiNX uses wireless technology (2.4 GHz signals) to pair an earpiece with Apple gadgets to stream voice communications and music, as well as controlling hearing aid settings such as hearing aid volume and environmental program selection.

ReSound will be marketing the LiNX hearing aid as “technology that transform incredible hearing aids into the world’s best wireless stereo headphones.”  The benefits of this partnership between Apple and ReSound include improved hearing aid usability and communication across a range of platforms, such as:

  • Facetime with family members and friends with perfect clarity and vision straight from your iPhone or iPad
  • Have music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod stream directly into you hearing aids – offering sound quality that was previously impossible… and without earphone cords getting in the way as you exercise, garden or relax
  • Through the accompanying ReSound Smart App, users to can preferred volumes, as well as treble/bass, and use geo-tagging to save adjustments made in frequently visited places, like home, work, favorite restaurants, or the movie theater.
  • The application also features a “Find My Hearing Aid” function to help pinpoint a misplaced speaker device

ReSound CEO released the following statement: “We saw an opportunity to create the world’s best hearing aid by combining the capability of GN ReSound’s life-changing technologies with the compatibility and global prevalence of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”.

ReSound said the LiNX is the world’s first “Made for iPhone hearing aid,” presumably a reference to Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) licensing program.

And a world-leading hearing aid

ReSound said the LiNX is the smallest wireless device it has ever manufactured, but promised it is “powerful enough to address 90 percent of all hearing losses.

The LiNX comes in 10 hair colors and skin tones to reduce visibility when placed behind the ear. It also sports five receiver lengths for a precise physical fit and an iSolate Nanotech coating to repel water.

“We are committed to improving people’s lives through use of innovative technology and look forward to more people correcting their hearing with this new technology—a triumph in accessibility for the hearing impaired,”Viksmoen said.