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Rediscover sound... We care about your hearing.

Many people struggle to hear in a noisy room, in a crowded place, or even in outdoor locations surrounded by the everyday noise of traffic. This can cause people to have social anxiety and suffer from depression. This is a symptom of hearing loss, people with hearing loss can find it extremely difficult to hear in noisy surroundings like this. Some people don’t even realize that they may have hearing loss and suffer in silence with this. An easy solution is to find out whether we can help with this issue is to have a hearing test. We can help you get back to enjoying life with friends, family, and noisy environments again. 

Most people will engage in a hearing screen, this is vastly different from a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test. A hearing screen is a shorter limited headphone check of a few sounds to see if they are within or outside the normal listening range. A hearing screen is designed to generate a pass or refer result for further diagnostic testing. 

A full hearing test is a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that checks an individual’s hearing (auditory) system. This is best practice, involving a series of beeps and whistles, called pure tones, played through headphones or earphones and the individuals indicate when they can hear them.  

We can address your hearing needs in one of our 12 independent clinics across Victoria. We can objectively prescribe the most appropriate hearing solution for your lifestyle and listening needs, regardless of hearing instrument manufacturer. Our success in treating patients with varying degrees of hearing impairment is due in large part to our dedicated and experienced team of hearing specialists.

Rediscover sound…We care about your hearing.

Proud to be providing hearing services to the local community for the last 25 years!

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