Test Your Listening Skills

Would you like to investigate you or your child’s hearing and listening skills using a validated screening test, that can be completed in the comfort of your own home? Hearing Professionals can provide you with an App for you to download and complete on your iPad. To complete this test accurately, you will need specific, certified headphones to use during the testing. For an all inclusive price, we will send you a link for the app download, the headphones for the completion of the test and a full report of the results. This cost will also include a 15 minute telehealth appointment with our audiologist who will run through the report and results with you.

$250.00 Incl. GST


What is it?
Feather Squadron is an iPad app designed to measure a range of auditory processing abilities that are shown in the research literature (many studies) to be important for language, reading, and education. It was designed for children (from age 5) but is also normed and can be used for adults. After playing the short 5 minute hearing screening, a more-in-depth testing ensues, using a series of mini-games (which takes less than 30 minutes). The results of the assessment will be made available to you during your telehealth appointment, including a professional report with recommendations.
What do I need?
You will need an iPad and a pair of KOSS UR10 on-ear headphones. You will also need to download Feather Squadron App from the Apple iTunes App Store and a username and password, that we will provide, to login into the diagnostic version of the test.

How do I use it?
Download the Feather Squadron app for free and log in with your Acoustic Pioneer account details when you are asked to. Do make sure you have an internet connection the first time you log into the app. Then simply:

1) plug in the headphones,
2) set the iPad volume to 50%,
3) sign into the feather squadron app (labeled academy)
4) enter the name and date of birth of who is being tested,
5) place the headphones over the ears correctly,
6) start the test!
It really is that easy. See the instructional videos for more information and demonstrations.

How long does testing take?
For children aged 5-7, the assessment is less intense and takes around 12 minutes, and for those tested from aged 8-65 the entire assessment takes around 25-30 minutes and measures about 10 different auditory processing areas.


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