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High Power Hearing Aid

Power hearing aid (profound loss)

Beltone Imagine 17 High Powered Rechargeable Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Beltone Imagine 17 Power BTE is the premium power hearing device. Beltone Imagine 17 Power provides full rich sound quality and the convenience of rechargeability in a powerful behind the ear device. It provides better situational awareness with the innovative CrossLink Directionality 3, making it easier to focus on what you want to hear without losing touch of the other sounds around you. It offers best-in-class connectivity to Apple and Android Smart Phones to provide direct streaming of calls, music, TV and more.

Key Features

  • A truly tailored hearing experience that enables effortless hearing for the wearer


  • Best speech clarity in any environment with Beltones innovative Crosslink Directionality 3 comprising the advanced multi split band directionality and weighted binaural beamformer, to give wearers the optimal listening experience even in difficult listening environments

  • Robust housing design with secure snap on/off earhook, optimal IP68 rating for dust and moisture resistance and unique shape that allows for optimal placement of the hearing aid microphones,

to allow for improved directional pick up of sounds

  • Best-in-class rechargeability, with more than a full day of use -up to 23 hours of use on a single charge- for worry-free use all day, without the hassle of exchanging batteries on the go.

  • Hands-free calls for iPhone and iPadusers will be able to answer calls with just a tap on their hearing aid and enjoy conversations with outstanding sound quality, all without having to take their device out of their pocket. This can be a useful solution for conversations while multi-tasking, for example, when cooking, carrying groceries, being at work, or when the iPhone is simply out of reach. Android users can also enjoy industry leading connectivity to their smartphones for direct streaming phones, music and more.

Power hearing aid
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Product Name and Manufacturer

  • Beltone Imagine hearing aids


Manufacturer Website

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Features & Benefits


Great sound clarity

The real nuances of sounds and voices enrich the moments that matter most.

Hear what matters
CrossLink Directionality 3 puts you in a better position to hear clearly in all directions.

Hear the details
Activate Ultra Focus when needed to better hear conversations in extra-noisy situations.