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High Power Hearing Aid

High power hearing aid

Phonak Naida Marvel continues to deliver added power

Back in 2007 Phonak first released their Naida power hearing aid. Since then it has continuously evolved. Now in its 6th generation, Phonak Naida M is the worlds most trusted power hearing aid.  Naida  Marvel can connect directly to either iOS or Android smartphones or other Bluetooth® enabled devices to stream any kind of audio. It enables true hands-free phone calls and even audible phone notifications can be set to hear through the hearing aids. As a manufacturer Phonak have long understood the special needs of the severe-profoundly hearing impaired wearer. They describe three key areas that they address through specific solutions in their products. In addition to a loss of hearing acuity, these are a loss of:

  • Auditory resolution capability;
  • Extreme loss of high-frequency hearing;
  • Loss of signal to noise ratio hearing ability.

Phonak Naida M can be programmed with Adaptive Digital Contrast, a fitting formula which provides slower time constants on the incoming sounds being amplified, compressing the signal less, thereby maintaining the contrast between the loudness of individual sounds. This allows for better speech discrimination for certain listeners with poor auditory resolution.

As hearing loss increases Sound Recover 2 utilizes an adaptive frequency lowering algorithm to increase the wearer’s ability to hear previously inaudible high-frequency sounds. For those with severe to profound hearing loss listening in noise, to a speaker (signal) further than a meter and a half away, is particularly difficult, even with the most advanced hearing aids, this is known as signal to noise ratio hearing. Roger microphones and Naida M, are required to bridge this gap, allowing the speaker’s voice to be transmitted wirelessly direct to the hearing aids, allowing a better understanding of speech even from a distance.

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Colours Phonak Marvel

Product Name and Manufacturer

  • Phonak Naida M


Technology Levels

  • Four technology levels available

Manufacturer Website

Click here to view the manufactures website

Features & Benefits


Powered by trusted Phonak Marvel™ technology, the new Naída product portfolio embodies premium power hearing aids with dedicated key performance technologies that significantly benefits clients with severe to profound hearing loss.

  • Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast: More fitting flexibility for loss of auditory resolution;
  • SoundRecover: More audibility of high-frequency sounds for loss of high-frequency hearing;
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology™: Excellent speech understanding in noise;
  • Enhanced Roger™ and directional setting and Roger™ microphone portfolio: Enhanced hearing performance in noise – nearby and over distance;
  • Phonak Naída M-R RIC: Most feature-rich rechargeable hearing aid from Phonak, dedicated to clients with severe to profound hearing loss for convenience and ease of use
  • Battery: 13
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