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Partners & Links

Hearing Professionals would like to make note of the following important industry bodies, suppliers and service partners.

Hearing aid manufacturers

Being completely independent, Hearing Professionals’ audiologists are trained and experienced in objectively determine make and model suitable for clients from the complete range of all the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, such as those listed below.  Simply click on a logo to be taken to the hearing aid manufacturer’s Australian website.

siemens hearing aids phonak hearing aids resound hearing aids bernafon hearing aids
oticon hearing aids unitron hearing aids sonic hearing aids Neuromonics tinnitus solutions logo


Industry Links

Audiology AustraliaAudiology Australia

Our audiologists are members of this professional organisation. ASA Membership requires evidence of a Master’s of Audiology degree (or equivalent) with a major in Audiology. ASA members have agreed to practice audiology in accordance with the ASA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice. Visit their website at www.audiology.asn.au.

Independent Audiologists Australia Independent Audiologists Australia

Independent Audiologists Australia promote the best possible care for clients and the maintenance of trust between audiologists, clients and the community at large.  Their mission of Independent Audiologists Australia Inc (IAA) is to promote and support clinical practices owned by Audiologists. Visit their website at www.aaap.org.au.

Learn Fast Learn Fast auditory processing training

Learn Fast helps your children to think faster, focus better, and remember more… which is great news for parents of children with Auditory Process Disorders.  Programs such as Fast ForWord and Cogmed are: Web based, at home; provide instant feedback after every training session; developed by neuroscientists; and are proven by research and used by millions. Visit their website at www.learnfasthome.com.au.

COGMEDCogmed - melbourne

Cogmed is an evidence-based program for improving attention.  It involves a computerized training program designed to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity over a 5-week training period. Visit their website at www.cogmed.com.au.

Neurotone Sound Thiking Neurotone: Developers of LACE

LACE® (Listening and Communication Enhancement) is a program to help develop skills and strategies to deal with situations when hearing is inadequate. Whether you wear hearing aids, are just acquiring aids, or simply wish to improve your listening skills, LACE training will help you get the most out of the sounds of life. Visit their website at www.neurotone.com.

OricoOricom Australiam: Phones and assistive listening products

Oricom is supply and support the best phones and assistive equipment for people with hearing impairment. Their goal is to make communication easier and ensures users remain connected to their family and friends.  Products include: corded phones; cordless phones; mobile phones; alarm clocks; alerting devices; and accessories. Visit their website at www.oricom.com.au.

Better Better Hearing AustraliaHearing Australia

Better Hearing Australia is the national organisation for Australians with hearing impairment and the largest independent consumer association for these people in the country. It is a not-for-profit, self-help organisation run by members and provides Australia wide community support and help to everyone in the community. Visit their website at www.betterhearingaustralia.org.au.

Word of Mouth Technology Word of Mouth Technology - hearing

Word of Mouth Technology are now the leading supplier of assistive devices for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Australia.  They pride themselves on sourcing great products from around the world, testing and approving all products before offering them for sale to our clients. Visit their website at www.wom.com.au.

AuAustralian Communication Exchangestralian Communication Exchange

ACE provides the relay service component of the National Relay Service (NRS) under a contract with the Commonwealth. They deliver on their belief that people who are Deaf, communication or hearing impaired will have access to all forms of communication of their choice. Find out more about the National Relay Service.  Visit their website at www.aceinfo.net.au.

Telstra Disability ServicesTelstra Disability ServicesTelstra Disability Services

Telstra is committed to making communication accessible and affordable for all our customers with communication challenges, including older customers and customers with a disability. They provide solutions for people who: have difficulty hearing the phone ring; difficulty hearing speech on the phone; and a range of other health issues. Visit their website at www.telstra.com.au.

Australian Government Hearing Services Program Australian Government Hearing Services Program

The Office of Hearing Services administer a government program that provides free hearing tests and hearing aids to pensioners and veterans, which are available through accredited providers such as Hearing Professionals.

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