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clEAR Auditory Brain Training

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Hearing aids are a good first step in hearing loss rehabilitation. But hearing aids are not the only step. Auditory training is critical to help you meet your potential. Auditory training has been described as physical therapy for the ears and the brain. With auditory training, you will be able to understand conversations in more adverse, noisy listening environments. This can help you to feel more confident when you go to a party and the music is louder than you would like it to be.

As we get older, there are key changes in our brain, that affect our ability to hear in noisy restaurants and in group situations. Auditory training will address these difficulties, by training the hearing part of the brain to process sounds more effectively.

clEAR Auditory Brain Training

clEAR auditory brain training is a set of computerized auditory brain training games that help improve specific cognitive and listening skills developed following extensive research by hearing scientists at Washington University in USA.

The training develops phonemic discrimination, allowing one to more easily distinguish words that sound alike (eg: car and tar), to recognize more easily, common words of language and to develop skills that assist listening: auditory memory (memory for things we hear), auditory attention (focusing on what we hear) and processing speed (been able to follow rapid speech or fast talkers).

With clEAR Auditory Brain Training, the user joins an online community with whom they can share tips or compete with, to further drive success. clEAR is motivating to play as its gamified and adaptive, so it’s fun and challenging to use.

clEAR Auditory Brain Training provides users with improved conversational confidence in more listening situations and less listening effort to be actively engaged in conversations and relieves the resulting exhaustion from the strain of trying so hard to hear. Research performed at Washington University in St Louis USA has shown that many patients better recognize words, discriminate speech better in background noise and experience reduced listening challenges.

clEAR Auditory Brain Training provides customised plans for nine different user types, including: the new hearing aid user, those with central auditory processing disorders, clients not yet ready for hearing aids, clients who cannot tolerate noise, clients who have specific difficulty hearing women’s and children’s voices, those that complain of hearing in noise, new cochlear implantee’s and includes two additional plans for those that have difficulty hearing a specific person or frequent communication partner.

Hearing aids reduce hearing problem’s, but they cannot develop the listening and mental skills that are necessary to comprehend conversations, particularly in challenging listening situations. Hearing aids provide access to sound by making it louder and clearer but they do not train the brain to interpret speech, hence the role of Auditory Training programs such as clEAR.