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CAPDOTS: Auditory Training for children


What are Capdots?

CAPDOTS is an online, dichotic (listening to different things in each ear simultaneously), listening training program for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD); a deficit in the processing of auditory information. This includes impairments in various skills such as localising, discriminating sounds, processing multiple inputs and hearing in background noise.

CAPDOTS™ can be completed in the convenience of your own home, school or wherever there is a computer with an internet connection. No special equipment is required. The listening exercises must be completed 5 days per week, 30 minutes per day, for approximately 14 weeks.

Available in 2 modules

CAPDOTS™-Integrated is appropriate for those individuals who have difficulty with integrating information received from both ears, while CAPDOTS™-Selected is appropriate for those who have difficulty separating information between both ears. Effective application of CAPDOTS™ and module choice can be made by qualified professionals such as audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

Who is suitable for CAPDOTS?

CAPDOTS can be used for CAPD individuals from ages 5 years and older. It is been used successfully for those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism and head injuries. It is also appropriate for those with hearing impairment.

CAPD Online Therapy System (CAPDOTS™) is a deficit-specific, online treatment program for CAPD. Ideal candidates for CAPDOTS™ include those with the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty hearing in background noise
  • Distracted from listening activities
  • Distracted by noise and other sounds
  • Inability to follow conversations if more than one person is speaking
  • Difficulty following group directions
  • Difficulty following complex, multistep directions
  • Does not understand what is required from verbal directions
  • Comments “I don’t get it”
  • Gets overwhelmed with too much information

About CAPD

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is a deficit in the perception of auditory information. It includes impairments in various skills such as localizing, discriminating sounds, processing multiple inputs and hearing in background noise.

CAPD can occur in any individual – children, adults and the elderly. It can arise from many causes such as neurological lesions, head injuries, chronic middle ear infections, severe jaundice, aging or hearing loss. Most often, however, CAPD arises from unspecified events or injuries which result in a wide range of difficulties related to learning, language and reading. There is also a strong familial trend in CAPD.

The impact of CAPD is extensive and affects developmental, educational, communicative, social, occupational and psychological areas of an individual’s life. Besides the obvious consequences of weak academic performance, particularly in the language arts, CAPD may also contribute to the lack of self-confidence, inability to use verbal language to facilitate interpersonal relationships, lack of attention or focus and even school drop-out.


Changes in behaviour may be observed within 6 to 8 weeks after starting the program. Improvements in conversational skills, verbal output, participation and alertness may be seen. However, completing the program is required to fully entrench the training. Pre- and post- CAPDOT testing has shown significant improvements in hearing in background noise and hearing multiple inputs simultaneously.

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