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New Technology – Video Otoscopy Service

• Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside your ear?
• Have you ever thought your hearing could be better?
• What if your hearing was reduced due to wax buildup in your ears?

Wax occluded ear canal before micro-suction.

To find out the answers to these and many more questions about your ears and hearing, come to the hearing specialists at Hearing Professionals and TAKE A TOUR INSIDE YOUR EARS. We will show you the before and after images so you will not only hear the difference but see the difference too.

In recent years, video otoscopy has brought about huge advances for audiologists in the examination of the ear. Wax and other abnormalities can be detected using this state of the art instrument.

Our team of Audiologist are fully trained in this advanced technology, hearing professionals are fully committed to bring our clients new forms of technology to help better our clients experience in hearing health care.

After Micro-suction

Healthy eardrum revealed after micro-suction.

The screening process involves a tiny fibre-optic camera which is inserted into the ear canal, making an easy and comfortable examination. A real-time video will be displayed in high-definition on a monitor, enabling our audiologist to carry out a detailed inspection of the ear canal and ear drum. Physical abnormalities such as wax, infection or any foreign bodies are easily identifiable as a possible contributing factor to your symptoms of hearing loss.

Our eyes might be the window to our soul but our ears are the window to our minds, let us help you open yours.

We often forget to look after our ears, why not call for a wax management appointment today to ‘clean and check’ your ears.