Music to your ears

Music (direct) to your Ears

Wires and cables are slowly starting to phase out with the introduction of Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetooth enables us to establish a stable connection between devices without the need for wires. We often use it to connect countless devices to our smartphones including the car speaker, headphones, fitness trackers, and much more. Within the past few years, various hearing aids manufacturers have now adopted this Bluetooth technology, allowing hearing aid users to connect their hearing aids to other devices including smartphones (both android and iPhone).

The benefits of Bluetooth connectivity include:

  • Personalised listening experience: All audio streamed into the aids via Bluetooth will be personalised to match your hearing loss, thus providing you the best possible sound quality unique to your ears.
  • No more headphones: Hearing aid users no longer have to take out their hearing aids when listening to music, podcasts, and television because they act as a replacement for headphones.
  • Better sound quality: Since you are streaming the audio directly to your ears, there is less risk of whistling/feedback. Bluetooth signals are also very stable as they use several channels to avoid interference or signal instability.
  • Remote control: You can now control your hearing aids via a free app on your smartphone. This is particularly helpful for those with poor dexterity and who have difficulty changing their program/volume through the buttons on the hearing aids.
  • Intermediate devices are no longer required for accessories: Previously to enable TV audio streaming to the aids, you were required to wear an intermediate device around the neck to enable a stable connection between the hearing aid and TV streamer accessory. However, all hearing aid accessories have now incorporated Bluetooth technology as well. Therefore hearing aids are now able to connect directly to the TV streamer accessory, thus removing the annoyance of having something around your neck and allowing you to move more freely whilst watching television at home.

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