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Marleina Vella Story

Marleina Vella Story

"I only wish Dad had relocated to you sooner"

Dear Hearing Professionals,

I spoke with you recently on behalf of my father Mr Joseph Vella, regarding possible relocation to your organisation.

As discussed, my father had been relying on Australia Hearing (Main St, Croydon office) to look after his hearing aids and issues for a period of approximately 8 months. During this time, my father encountered many issues with his aids and a significantly poor level of customer service from Australian Hearing. He was treated dismissively and often disregarded; especially when he attempted to remedy the problems.

This has been in stark contrast to our satisfaction since relocating to your Templestowe branch and the capable care of Simone Clyde.

Simone’s impeccable professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge have been a delightful change in service. Her willingness to rectify the problems encountered by Dad, is worthy of great commendation.

I, as well as my parents, have absolute implicit trust in the services provided by your Hearing Professionals. Now knowing how easy the relocation process is, we only wish that Dad had relocated to Hearing Professionals sooner! The difference in treatment he has received has been astounding. We are extremely happy with your service, and will not hesitate to recommend Hearing Professionals to anyone who requires hearing aids Melbourne. Thank you for restoring our faith in providing a service, to assist my father.

Feel free to use the above comments as a testimonial either on your website/brochures etc. I’m more than happy to help your business grow, and I appreciate the value of word-of-mouth!

Yours truly,
Marleina Vella (Personal Trainer)

Marleina Vella Story