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HSP Voucher Scheme Maintenance Contracts

HSP Voucher Scheme Maintenance Contracts

After purchasing your hearing aids through the HSP Voucher Scheme, we strongly recommend that clients take up the option of maintenance agreements.  While you will need to contribute a small annual fee, the government will effectively subsidise the majority of your costs of hearing aid batteries and servicing on your hearing aids

Hearing aid maintenance and service
Benefits of maintenance agreements

Hearing aids are highly sophisticated and technical devices that require regular servicing in order to remain in good working order. Similarly, buying batteries can become costly. Maintenance agreements are an optional agreement between you and Hearing Professionals where, for an annual fee, we will supply batteries and service and repair your hearing device for 12 months.

It is optional

It is not compulsory for you to enter into a maintenance agreement. If you choose not to, the full cost of batteries, servicing and repairs will be paid at your own expense and without any assistance from the government.

These costs can add up quickly and easily exceed the cost of the annual maintenance agreement fee. While the choice is yours, entering into a maintenance agreement is highly recommended.

How do I enter into a maintenance agreement?

If you are interested in entering into a maintenance agreement, please call us to discuss.  We will advise you of the costs related to your maintenance agreement. The payment of your maintenance agreement fee is generally made at your first follow-up appointment, and annually thereafter.

You can move to Hearing Professionals and this will not effect your maintenance agreement

If you want to change to Hearing Professionals, your maintenance and support contract will move with you.  You will not be required to start again and will only be due for renewal when your existing contract expires.

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