HP Maintenance Agreement - Private Top Up

Hearing Service Program Maintenance Agreement – Client with Partially Subsidised Devices

Dear Client,

It is time to renew your Annual Maintenance Agreement which expires this month.

To renew your agreement please scroll down and complete the form below. 

You will need to ‘copy & paste’ your voucher number provided in your text message into the required field of this form. Then complete the rest of the form and click submit.

We look forward to providing you with a further 12 months of excellent and caring service.

Please note – This email is NOT an invoice or request for payment. You will receive an invoice for your contribution payment shortly after submitting your signed agreement.

Don’t worry, should you not respond to this message you will receive a printed copy in the post.

Thank you and kind regards,

Hearing Professionals Team

Changes under the Hearing Services Program (HSP) effective 1 July 21

The Commonwealth Government has made some minor changes to the annual hearing aid maintenance program, such that maintenance is no longer subsidised or paid by HSP for the first 12 months following hearing aid refits. This has been done to reduce costs under the HSP scheme.

At Hearing Professionals, we have decided that if you have a paid signed maintenance agreement within the 12 months prior to any hearing aid refit, we will continue to supply maintenance services for the 12 months after a refit for FREE and NO CHARGE to you (despite HSP not paying us for this service). We believe that this will provide you with the best hearing outcomes and continuity of service whilst also reducing confusion.

However to provide this service and make it simpler, your yearly Top-Up maintenance payment will increase to $85.

Please note that, as before, this agreement is optional and it is your decision if you would like to proceed. At least 99% of our clients elect to take up a Maintenance Plan and we would encourage you to proceed for optimal service and hearing outcomes.