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Auditory Processing Assessments

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Audiologist MelbourneAuditory Processing assessments can be carried out for children who may have normal hearing sensitivity but display listening difficulties, for example difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise.

Testing is carried out over a session which takes approximately 90 mins. The hearing test and memory tests are performed first followed by the auditory processing tests. Testing is conducted by university qualified Audiologists.

It is important that a comprehensive battery of tests is administered to fully assess different auditory processing skills. Diagnostic testing is only for children aged 7 years or older. International consensus is that tests should not be conducted on children less than 7 years of age, because there is too great a variation in the development of auditory processing skills, due to varying rates of brain development.


1. Case History

The audiologist will ask specific questions regarding your child’s learning skills and other hearing related concerns. Consideration would be given to reports obtained from other professionals such as the speech pathologist, educational psychologist or school teacher.

2. Hearing Test

A hearing test will exclude any hearing loss or possible middle ear pathology.

3. Auditory Memory Tests

This assesses your child’s short term auditory memory for numbers and sentences.

4. Auditory Processing Tests

  1. Dichotic Digits Test (binaural integration).
  2. Competing Sentences Test (binaural separation)
  3. These two tests (1 & 2) assess your child’s ability to process information presented simultaneously to both ears
  4. Frequency Pitch Pattern Test (temporal patterning). This test checks your child’s ability to detect and sequence subtle differences in sounds
  5. Low Pass Filtered Word Test (monaural low redundancy speech test). This assesses the ability to understand the whole word when part of the message is missing
  6. Masked Level Difference test (binaural interaction). This test assesses the ability of your child to use subtle sound cues to hear in the presence of background noise
  7. Gaps in noise test (temporal processing). This test assesses your child’s ability to detect when one sound has ended and another has begun.

Before booking with another professional, please check the number of tests that are performed, as no one test is definitive of a diagnosis.

Further testing

If required the audiologist may suggest electrophysiological testing. These tests measure the brain’s response to sounds. Appropriate referrals to other professionals will also be discussed.


Following the assessment, the audiologist will provide you with a brief summary of the results. A detailed report will then be sent within 1 week of the appointment. A follow-up consultation can also be arranged to arrange remediation.

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If you think you and/or your child may have an auditory processing disorder, contact us to arrange an Auditory Processing Assessment.

Hearing Professionals can also provide bulk APD screening for schools. Please contact us for more information.