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Hearing Tests Melbourne, Geelong & Wodonga

Hearing Tests Melbourne

If you’re looking for a hearing test near you in Melbourne, contact the team at Hearing Professionals, With clinics all over Melbourne, as well as Geelong, Ballarat and Wodonga, your local Hearing Professionals clinic is just around the corner.

When you come in for an initial hearing test consultation at Hearing Professionals, we could use a variety of hearing test procedures, which will vary based on the reasons for your hearing assessment.

Common types of hearing assessments include:

  • Hearing Checks or Screening
  • Full clinical hearing test (1 hour)
  • Hearing assessments for children and infants

Regardless of what form you hearing test takes, hearing assessments are never painful or invasive procedures – so you have nothing to worry about.

When Should you Get a Hearing Test?

The frequency of hearing tests can vary depending on factors such as your age, overall health, and any specific concerns you may have about your hearing. If you’re noticing changes in your hearing, it may be worth getting a hearing test. Changes can include difficulty understanding conversations, ringing in your ears (tinnitus), sudden or partial hearing loss. If you experience any changes, you should have your hearing tested as soon as possible.

If you’ve never had your hearing tested before, it is worth getting a base-line hearing test. This can provide a starting point that helps your audiologist track any changes in your hearing over time.

For adults with no known hearing issues or risk factors, we recommend a general hearing check every 3-5 years until the age of 50. After 50, the risk of age-related hearing loss increases, so we recommend annual hearing tests.

For adults in high-risk groups, hearing tests may need to be more frequent. Risk factors include exposure to regular loud noises due to work, hobbies or environmental factors. Certain medical conditions and medications can also increase the risk of hearing loss. In this case, your hearing healthcare provider will advise you on a hearing testing schedule.

For children and teenagers, hearing should be tested at various stages of their development. These are typically included as part of routine pediatric care and during school screenings. If any concerns arise, additional testing might be recommended.

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Book Your Hearing Test Today

Regular hearing checks are a proactive step in maintaining a lifetime of hearing health. If you have a GP referral you are eligible for a Medicare rebate on your hearing test,  but you do not require a GP referral to arrange a hearing test. Simply contact us directly by phoning 1300 768 108 or using the online booking system.