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LiNX hearing aids feature


Resound Hearing Aids

Wearers are increasingly wanting solutions that offer great clarity when used with other devices, such as mobile phones, digital radio, plasma televisions, and personal music players.

With these Resound hearing aids, the signal from the paired device is played directly into the hearing aid, turning the hearing aid into a virtual wireless earphone, via Bluetooth or 2.4 gHz technology.  The benefit is that this offers exceptional clarity.

Best of Class

Product Name and Manufacturer

  • ReSound LiNX2


Technology Levels

  • Available in three technology levels: ReSound LiNX2 5, ReSound LiNX2 7, and ReSound LiNX2 9

Features & Benefits

In addition to the features that are specific to the hearing aids’ wireless capabilities, the Resound LiNX includes all the features you would expect in an advanced and premium hearing aid, including: high fidelity sound; automatic program selection; noise management; directional microphones and more.

Wireless features & benefits

  • Direct sound streaming: Stream stereo music, phone calls and other audio directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Personalised: Tailor your hearing experience with the easy-to-use ReSound Smart app
  • Natural Sound: Communicate effortlessly and enjoy the rich, natural sound preferred by experienced hearing aid users*
  • Talk on the phone: Hear the person you’re talking to directly through your hearing aids
  • Video chat: Use FaceTime or Skype to keep in touch without missing a word
  • Listen to audio apps: For example, hear turn-by-turn directions from your navigation app – so you can concentrate on traffic and stay safe
  • Enjoy music: Listen to quality, stereo music on-the-go via your preferred music app
  • Listen to an audio book: Enjoy a favorite book streamed directly to your hearing aids
  • Watch a movie: See any film clip or video from YouTube or elsewhere

From the expertslys-allison-audiologist-hearing-professionals(1)

With their Unite range of accessories, ReSound established themselves as the leader in wireless hearing aids category.  In recent years, they have also been working with Apple to enable the iPhone, iPad or iPod to do the job of standard accessories, so that you wont need additional hardware.

The Apps that have been developed for the solution are world leading. Apple users can enjoy the benefits of volume controls, program management, and connection to music, phones and more with perfect clarity and without to purchase or carry additional hardware.