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Independent Buyers Guide – 2019

hearing aid buyers guide Melbourne feature

hearing-aid-buyers-guide-imageWhat hearing aids are right for you? Our audiologists have researched and fitted devices from every leading manufacturer to come up with recommendations based on size, benefits, your hearing profile, user lifestyle, and budget considerations.

The good news is that we have now done important research for you! You can trust this advice too. Hearing Professionals are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer (unlike most hearing clinics in Melbourne), so our recommendations are not biased by pushing our own range of hearing aids.

Keep coming back too, as we will be regularly updating these recommendations.


Firstly, we have defined 7 major categories based on client needs and preferences. While hearing aids often fit into a number of these categories, we have assumed that the category is the most important feature or need valued by a particular client. The categories are:

Simply click on the icons or links below to view Best of Class in that category.


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