Mr. Norman Schlueter

Hearing aids – big and bulky no more

Mr. Norman Schlueter found himself missing so many sounds and things his loved ones had to say, it was becoming difficult to hear in noisy places and in outdoor locations. Norman came to us at Hearing Professionals in October of 2020 after an experience with some tourists asking for direction in Melbourne’s city centre. Norman had misheard these two young people requesting some assistance, after tapping him on the shoulder to get this attention he happily assisted the two by giving them directions. Norman then realised that the two people had been speaking to him for some time but as a result, he didn’t hear them so in that moment he turned to his phone and searched for a place to check his hearing. In his search, Norman came across Hearing Professionals CBD, called and made an appointment to have his hearing tested on that day while in the city.

For some time Norman had been experiencing hearing loss that he was unaware of, he was missing conversations with his family members, he noticed that it was becoming difficult to hear with his phone and TV. Norman had previously experienced some ear trauma a few years earlier which had deteriorated over time, he found it difficult to hear in his right ear and noticed that he had started to position himself on his left side of people so he could hear them. Over time this solution also became a problem as he noticed he was missing conversations again. Norman mentioned, “a family member who lives with me found that they were turning the TV volume down after I had been using it, I noticed that I must have a problem with my hearing if I have to have the TV up so loud to hear it.”

Norman went on to say, “After the initial thought of losing my hearing and possibly having to wear hearing aids, I took the initiative to find a place who could test my hearing, I found Hearing Professionals CBD and Dr. Naz very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Dr. Naz took away my fear of having to wear a big block on my ears. Dr. Naz explained the process and showed me the size of the aids, I was so amazed by the size. These hearing aids are so small and barely noticeable, I have had friends notice that I am no longer having trouble hearing them speak and I am not standing to one side. Friends are also amazed when I say that I am wearing hearing aids, they generally ask to see them because they are so small in size. I remember stating to Dr. Naz, ‘where is the rest of it?’ It was one of my biggest fears of hearing loss, having to wear a hearing aid that everyone could see. My memory of them was big and bulky.”

Norman has now been fitted with hearing aids and has been successfully set up with Bluetooth connectivity to his mobile phone and TV. Norman was so amazed how he could now hear sounds which he had not heard for some time. “I can even hear the clock on the wall at home, sometimes it sounds so loud I can’t believe that I couldn’t hear it before and my aids are so comfortable to wear. Every person must go through their own process to overcome the fear of hearing loss, I just wish I had have done it soon.”

“Dr. Naz has been so fantastic, she answered all of my questions and made the process so easy for me. She did not make me feel like she was selling one particular hearing aid, she made me feel like I was getting the best and she cared about my fear of aids most of all. The staff at hearing professionals has also assisted me with the fitting and maintenance of my aids, I would highly recommend Hearing Professionals to my friends and family.”

Norman Schlueter

Proud to be providing hearing services to the local community for the last 25 years!

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