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Nepean Hearing

Nepean Hearing has now merged with Hearing Professionals

We are excited to announce that Nepean Hearing has merged with Hearing Professionals, a leading provider of audiology services across Melbourne. This partnership allows us to provide an enhanced level of hearing healthcare for all our clients in the Peninsula region.

The partnership with Hearing Professionals will allow David Beer who owned Nepean Hearing the opportunity to transition into retirement and the next phase of his life.

Same Name, Same Values, Trusted Hearing Care

The Nepean Hearing name will stay the same, the clinic locations are the same.

Hearing Professionals’ client-focused approach aligns seamlessly with Nepean Hearing’s long-standing values of delivering an outstanding healthcare experience. Our foremost priority continues to be ensuring you receive the personalised, excellent hearing care you have come to expect and trust.

You can feel confident that you will see compassionate staff who will continue delivering genuine hearing health care you expect from Nepean Hearing.

New Services

We are expanding our audiology services.  We now have ear wax removal using micro-suction at the Frankston hearing centre. Micro-suction is a gentle and safe way to remove ear wax.

In addition, you will have access to a wider selection of premium hearing aid technologies.  This combined with the expertise of our audiologists will give you the opportunity of achieving the best hearing possible.

Eric Fehres (Managing Director) and David Beer at Frankston

Hearing Professionals' Commitment to You

With decades of experience, Hearing Professionals shares our steadfast commitment to improving the lives of those with hearing loss.  

Moving Forward Together

We are thrilled about the opportunities this partnership brings to enhance our services while maintaining the personalized attention. Join us as we embark on this new chapter of ensuring you receive the highest quality audiological care.

Experience the new era of Nepean Hearing by scheduling your appointment today. We look forward to continuing to serve your hearing needs for years to come.

Things you can look forward to!

Like Nepean Hearing, HearingPro is independently-owned and operated. For you, that means Choice, Expertise, and Trusted Advice. We employ university-trained audiologists, who are trained to provide the greatest range of hearing treatments and solutions, including:

• Microsuction Earwax Removal — Coming soon! A safe and efficient method to manage sore, blocked, and itchy ears.

• Central Processing Assessments — Essential for understanding complex hearing issues.

• Tinnitus Therapies — Innovative approaches to managing and alleviating tinnitus.

• Auditory Training — Programs for both adults and children to improve hearing skills.

• Workers Compensation — Assessments, treatments, and compensation for noise-induced hearing loss, funded through Worksafe Victoria.

Seamless Transition


The transition to HearingPro will be smooth and virtually unnoticed in terms of service continuity. You will not need to handle any paperwork; all client fi les have already been transferred to ensure that your care continues without interruption.

More Locations

You can now be seen at many more locations throughout Victoria and all our suburban locations are wheelchair accessible, with most also offering on-site parking.

We all look forward to seeing you soon