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Feather Squadron: Auditory Processing Assessments in the comfort of your own home

Hearing is our ability to detect or perceive sounds through our hearing organ known as the cochlea. Auditory processing takes place after we detect sound, and is when our brain tries to interpret and make sense of the sound that we just heard. Those of us who have poor auditory processing (i.e Auditory Processing Disorder) typically present with difficulties hearing in background noise.

To diagnose Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) we at Hearing Professionals offer Auditory Processing Assessments in clinic for those 7 years and above in age. The Auditory processing assessment approximately takes 1-2 hours and involves several tests of listening and auditory perception skills. However within the last couple of months we now offer an online validated Auditory processing screening test known as Feather Squadron which can be completed without leaving home. Thus allowing Auditory processing assessments to be more easily accessible to those who are unable to travel into the clinic.

Feather Squadron
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Feather squadron is an iPad app designed for children 5 years and above, and measures the different areas of auditory processing. To perform the test simply download the Feather squadron app from the iTunes App store onto an iPad and use a set of specially calibrated headphones known as KOSS UR10 on-ear headphones (will be provided by us) in a quiet environment. Feather Squadron comprises of a 5 minute hearing screening and a series of mini games which will approximately require a total of 30 minutes to complete. Once completed a professional report will be provided and a telehealth appointment will be organised to discuss the results and recommendations.

A child is said to have an auditory processing problem when he or she has difficulty perceiving, decoding, remembering and retrieving information they hear. These auditory skills are necessary for children learning to read and learning to spell.

If your child experiences any difficulties with learning, reading or listening, please contact Hearing Professionals for an assessment to find out if Feather Squadron is the right program for your child on 1300 768 108.