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The Signia Motion 1NX S and P are our best product for the budget-conscious, stacked with amazing features but at low cost

They are of robust design and have an Ingress Protection rating of 67 meaning it’s resistant to dust and moisture but not waterproof. They are automatic and fine tuneable over 16 channels, so they can be fitted to a wide range and variety of hearing losses, from mild through to severe. They incorporate features to improve the listening experience of the wearer by focusing on three core areas: Noise Reduction, to reduce background noises; Directionality to focus on the speaker’s voice in front, and; Amplification, to elevate the target speakers voice over all other sounds in the environment.

There is now a Direct-To-iPhone capability, streaming hands-free phone calls or voice signals to both your hearing aids from the iPhone’s inbuilt live-listen feature, giving you better hearing in noise. There is also the advantage of the free Signia App for both Android and iPhone users that can allow adjustment of the aids at your convenience through your SmartPhone. No intermediary streamer is necessary now with these Bluetooth hearing devices. Furthermore, their Streamline TV accessory for this hearing aid platform features Dolby Digital high definition sound, enabling a clear direct wireless streaming of the TV signal to both hearing aids.

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  • Signia Motion 13 1Nx
  • Signia Motion P 1Nx


  • Behind the Ear
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