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The Beltone Rely 3 is the best budget friendly hearing device, stacked with amazing features

Beltone Rely 3 delivers proven hearing technology, connectivity, are available in a wide variety of styles, from tiny receiver-in-canal devices, to powerful behind the ear options and can be fitted to a wide range of different hearing losses, from mild through to severe. These are automatic devices with advanced technology and can manage multiple sounds at once, giving hearing benefit no matter what the listening environment. The wearer also has complete control over their devices through the HearMax phone App.

Belltone Rely 3 have direct-to-phone capability, streaming phone calls from compatible iPhone or Android smart phones without requiring intermediary devices. A full range of accessories is also available to enhance the listening experience for TV, music or a loved one’s voice.

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Product Name and Manufacturer

  • Beltone Rely 3


  • Receiver in the Ear


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