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Easiest hearing aids to use

Easiest hearing aids to use

Signia Motion X “Charge and Go”

Signia Motion X “Charge-and-Go” have been selected as “easiest to use” hearing devices. They combine all of the advantages of the new Xperience digital chip with a convenient, intuitive, and rechargeable system. Wearers no longer have to worry they may struggle with managing tiny disposable batteries, the hearing aids are charged in the cradle as they sleep, are fully charged after 3-4 hours and able to go for up to 21hours without streaming.
The high capacity lithium-ion inbuilt power cell of Charge and Go supports top Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wearers to enjoy long lasting, high quality, audio streaming from compatible smartphones and devices, only reducing battery life by about 3 hours with 5 hours of streaming.

Key Features

  • Long life, fast charging, in-built lithium-ion rechargeability.
  • Most nature own voice quality and best speech understanding in noise thanks to the latest Signia X chip
  • Hassle free, hours of direct, high-quality Bluetooth streaming
  • Completely automatic and intuitive, the hearing aid even turns itself off and on as they are placed in or out of the charger. An exact placement in charger is not required making it great for those with reduced dexterity.
  • Improved water, sweat and dust resistance. Easy to maintain with no fiddly filters to replace.


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