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Easiest hearing aids to use

Easiest hearing aids to use

Beltone ImAGINE Custom Rechargable

Beltone Imagine Custom Rechargable have been selected as “easiest to use” hearing devices. They combine all of the advantages of the great sounding Imagine platform, with a convenient in-the-ear style and rechargeable system. Wearers no longer have to worry they may struggle with managing tiny disposable batteries, the hearing aids are charged in the cradle as they sleep, are fully charged after 5 hours and are able to go for up to 24 hours on one charge (up to 20hours when streaming all day).

Key Features

  • Elegant and modern earbud design

  • Easy to use with glasses and facemasks, as they are in the ear, with nothing behind the ear.

  • Long life, fast charging, in-built lithium-ion, induction rechargeability.

  • Customized charger for reliability of charge, easy cleaning and faster handling

  • Hours of direct, high-quality Bluetooth streaming, including hands free phone calls for iPhones

  • Completely automatic and intuitive, the hearing aid even turns itself off and on as they are placed in or out of the charger.

  • Highest rating water, sweat and dust resistance (IP68) for those with active lifestyles, these aids have nano coating inside and out, to keep moisture and dust out.

One of the biggest difficulties for those with a hearing loss, is trying to understand speech in very noisy listening environments. Compared to older technology, the Beltone Imagine provide 15-30% (depending on degree of hearing loss) better speech understanding in background noise and with the advanced UltraFocus feature, an additional 30% speech discrimination to give the best listening experience in loud environments.

Easiest hearing aids