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Single sided deafness

Signia X CROS - A natural hearing experience for people with a unilateral hearing loss

Normal hearing or a minimal hearing loss in one ear combined with profound or total deafness in the other presents a unique challenge. The solution is CROS hearing aids, which stands for Contralateral Routing Of Signal. Two small hearing aids worn either in the ear or behind the ear, are wirelessly connected, with the sound picked up from the side with no hearing and transmitted to the side with better hearing. In this way, the wearer can hear clearly from both sides, without having to turn or tilt their head to the sound source.

Best in class for CROS solutions is Signia X CROS. Utilizing full bandwidth, energy efficient, ultra high definition ear-to-ear link with audio processing and data exchange between the hearing aids, it offers unrivaled performance with Integrated Acoustic Motion detectors, Dynamic Soundscape processing, Own Voice Processing (OVP) and Speech Master. Speech Master is a system where the hearing aids focus in on the speaker’s voice and reduce the competing noises allowing improved ability to understand speech in noise. OVP allows for the most natural own voice experience by processing the wearers own voice independently from all other voices and sounds, preventing one of the main annoyances for first time hearing aid wearers, unnecessary amplification of one’s own voice.

All this while still offering direct streaming from iPhones & TV and rechargeable options, that other brands cannot match.

Cros and Bicros

Product Name and Manufacturer


• Pure X CROS charge & go (rechargeable receiver-in-canal)
• Pure X CROS (receiver-in-canal)
• Silk Nx CROS (completely-in-canal)

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