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Starkey Edge AI

With Edge AI, Starkey delivers advanced sound processing capability by harnessing the most advanced artificial intelligence technology currently possible in a hearing device. Edge Mode applies artificial intelligence (AI) for patient-driven, on-demand fine-tuning of the sound environment. The hearing aid user can double-tap on the hearing aid to initiate Edge Mode, which through an environmental analysis of the sound can provide an “extra boost” when in challenging listening situations.
Livio Edge is the first hearing device to include ‘healthable technology’ with its brain and body tracking feature measuring physical activity and social engagement and fall detection alert which will send a message to contacts if the hearing aid wearer falls. The device has an ‘Intelligent Assistant’ with instant access to a world of information, getting in-ear and mobile on-screen notifications for tasks like taking medications or a reminder to pick up milk on the way home from work. It can translate other languages to the wearer and transcribe conversation into text. The hearing device technology can even help locate the wearers lost phone or aids themselves.

In addition to IOS phones, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy (including S10) phones are added to the connectivity options of smart-phones with direct streaming to the new Livio Edge AI Premium. The devices also connect to Starkey’s handy table microphone, which when set in the middle of a table, identifies each speaker as they talk and directs the beam-forming microphone to that voice, to enhance it above any background noise and it will automatically and immediately shift from speaker to speaker.

Edge AI are the first custom aids on the market to enable Li-ion rechargeability, providing 23 hours of hearing aid usage and 4 hours of streaming on a 3.5 hour charge.

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