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Choosing hearing aids with success!!!!

We understand that the purchase of hearing aids is a big decision for anyone to make in their lifetime, so we have compiled a few tips to help when choosing hearing aids. Prior to heading to your Audiologist, we suggest you check the following tips:

  • Tip 1 – Choosing a hearing Provider
    Find a qualified, independent hearing aid provider. If they have affiliations with a particular hearing aid manufacturer, this may limit the choice of hearing aids and, therefore, the features available to you. An independent provider can give you the widest range of devices to meet your needs. 
  • Tip 2 – Why do you want to be able to hear better?
    In order of importance list the situations that you want to hear better and think about how often you are in those environments. For example, daily coffee with friends in a noisy cafe, book club with 4 other people, lectures, family gatherings of 20, residents’ meetings, church services, etc… Be as specific as you can. Having a clear idea of what is important to you will help you decide which advanced features are needed and if the increase in price is warranted.
  • Tip 3 – No pressure, to make the right decision
    You should not feel pressured to make a decision. A qualified audiologist should explain the results and the implications of your hearing test in such a way that you can understand. If they recommend hearing devices, they should be able to justify the style and features they have chosen. However, the decision should still remain with you. 
  • Tip 4 – Listen to your Audiologist and have an open mind
    Have an open mind and realistic expectations, sometimes the style of the hearing aid you were hoping to get may not be suitable for your particular hearing loss.  A professional audiologist will be honest enough to tell you this, even at the expense of losing your sale, because they know the outcome will not be favourable for you in the long run. 
  • Tip 5 – Ask for a trial run or cooling-off period.
    Ask to try the devices first.  Some providers will allow for a trial period before purchase or if a custom device needs to be made for you, a fitting fee may be charged to cover the audiologist’s time. This is worth it in the long run, in view of the high cost of some devices, to make sure you are comfortable with the purchase.

When making a purchase of hearing aids the first time, start with an appointment to have a hearing test and meet your Audiologist. You need to feel comfortable with your purchase decision and sometimes the most challenging decision can become a lot easier when you trust the advice an experienced Audiologist has given you. Remember an Audiologist should always be taking care of your needs and recommending what may be the best comfort and fitting for you. Hearing Professionals specialize in the best outcomes for all our clients and prioritize our clients’ needs.  

We take much pleasure in our clients’ many testimonials, sharing the joy they have experienced now they can hear sounds that have not heard for such a long time, for example, the sound of birds chirping and indicators in the car. 


Proud to be providing hearing services to the local community for the last 25 years!

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