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BIMODAL Hearing Solutions

What is a bimodal hearing solution?

A bimodal hearing solution is when you have a cochlear implant in one ear and a compatible hearing aid in the other ear. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that users who have a cochlear implant in one ear, can find great benefits from wearing a hearing aid on the other ear. These benefits include:

  • Superior sound quality

  • Better sound source localization

  • Better speech recognition in noise

  • Improved appreciation of music

Leading the field of bimodal compatible hearing devices, is GN ReSound. Founded in 1869, ReSound, a Danish company, is dedicated to making life sound better and developing meaningful solutions that transform lives through the power of sound. Together with another great company Australia’s own Cochlear Limited, they formed the Smart Hearing Alliance in 2015, to focus on developing the most integrated, best-in-class hearing solutions for those with severe-profound hearing losses. This will give hearing aid and cochlear implant wearers, access to the latest in connectivity and wireless technology.

All ReSound’s behind-the-ear hearing devices provide smart bimodal solutions, by allowing direct streaming phone calls, music and more from the wearers compatible Smartphones or assistive listening devices, to both the hearing device and Cochlear Implant simultaneously, allowing for the first time for many individuals with severe-profound hearing losses, to be able to hear on the phone.

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Bimodal Hearing solutions