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Signia Hearing Aids Melbourne


The latest Signia Styletto AX, is a progressive evolution of this fabulous niche product. Number one feature is their stylish, rechargeable design. They are one of the slimmest hearing aids on the market, allowing a neat over the ear fit, even with bulky eyeglass frames. In the development of this product, Signia’s aim was to produce cool wearable technology, that’s made to be flaunted. Like the Apple AirPod, which it matches in style, but transcends in functionality; phone calls, music and more can be streamed straight to the hearing aids.

All this utilizing the superior amplification system of the new Signia AXperience chip with its advanced features such as unique acoustic-motion sensors, allowing seamless, automatic, optimized amplification response, for every situation the wearer may find themselves in. Own Voice Processing (OVP); the real-time recognition of the wearer’s voice to deliver natural own voice sound quality and narrow directionality; to zoom in on the main speaker’s voice, providing significantly improved hearing in challenging, noisy listening situations.
Styletto AX’s Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries deliver a full day of usage of up to 17 hours. It comes with a unique portable charging case that allows charging on the go for up to three days.

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