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Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone IMAGINE™

Beltone is GN Resounds premium label hearing instruments, available ONLY through specialist Independent Hearing clinics, like Hearing Professionals. GN Hearing has a long and proud history of manufacturing hearing devices, with the world’s first features. From the ground breaking open fit ReSound Air in 2003, that changed the whole hearing aid market with open ear fittings, which are now the most popular style across all hearing aid brands, allowing comfortable and natural sound quality. Through to ReSound Verso, the world’s first hearing device with ear-to-ear communication and direct streaming. Through to ReSound Linx, which was the world’s first made for iPhone hearing aid.
Beltone provides premium, unique, individualized hearing solutions with the most advanced hearing technology and presents another world first with a three-microphone hearing solution called MARIE-microphone and receiver in the ear. This provides superior sound quality, improved localization of sounds in the listener’s environment and better comfort in the wind. It does this by placing the third microphone inside the ear canal, thereby utilizing the unique shape of the wearer’s outer ear, for an individualized and complete sound experience to collect sound for the wearer, as nature intended.

BELTONE Hearing Aids
Beltone Hearing Aids

When you come in for an initial hearing test consultation at Hearing Professionals at any of our clinics across Melbourne, we could use a variety of hearing test procedures, which will vary based on reasons for your hearing assessment. Common types of hearing assessments include:

  • Hearing Checks or Screening
  • Full clinical hearing test (1 hour)
  • Hearing assessments for children and infants

Regardless of what form you hearing test takes, hearing assessments are never painful or invasive procedures – so you have nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, you do not require a GP referral to arrange a hearing test. Just contact us directly by phoning 1300 768 108 or using the online booking system.

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