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Auditory training for children

Fast ForWord - Auditory Training for Children and Adolescents

Fast ForWord: Auditory training for children

Fast ForWord is a scientifically validated computer based, series of educational training programs developed to help your child to improve fundamental cognitive and reading skills. It helps develop auditory memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills, as well as language and reading skills, including phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.

Fast ForWord is appropriate for school children from 5 years of age with dyslexia, learning disabilities, mild autism, ADHD and reading difficulties,

Fast ForWord is also recommended for children with Auditory Processing Difficulties by working on the following skills:

Auditory training for children

Attention is essential to focus on information and tasks, thereby ignoring distractions. Fast ForWord is designed to improve both attention and focus.


Memory is essential for word recognition, comprehension of complex sentences and remembering instructions. Fast ForWord enhances working memory, short and long-term memory.

Auditory Training for Children
Processing Rate

Processing rate is the speed at which we can discriminate images and speech sounds, as well as identify letter and word forms to create meaning. This is a prerequisite for phonemic awareness and reading. An adequate processing rate enables us to accurately perceive and manipulate information. Fast ForWord increases the speed at which the brain processes information.


Sequencing is placing the detail of information in its accustomed order (eg. days of the week). For reading, sequencing is the ability to determine the order of letters within words or words within sentences. This is a skill that relies on memory, attention and processing speed and is essential for phonics, word fluency, reading and oral comprehension. Fast ForWord improves the recognition of the order of sounds, letters, and concepts.

Fast ForWord: Auditory training for children

A child is said to have an auditory processing problem when he or she has difficulty perceiving, decoding, remembering and retrieving information they hear. These auditory skills are necessary for children learning to read and learning to spell.

If your child experiences any difficulties with learning, reading or listening, please contact Hearing Professionals for an assessment to find out if Fast ForWord is the right program for your child on 1300 768 108.