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Hearing aids reduce problems with hearing acuity, but they cannot develop the listening and mental skills that are necessary to comprehend conversations, particularly in challenging listening situations. Hearing aids provide access to sound by making it louder and clearer but they do not provide the hearing training, that trains the brain to interpret speech, hence the role of Auditory Training programs, such as Amptify.

Combined with hearing aids, hearing training (or auditory training) is a crucial part to maximizing your hearing and communication potential.  Auditory training has been described as physical therapy for the ears and the brain. With successful auditory training, you will be able to understand conversations in more adverse, noisy listening environments. This can help you to feel more confident even in difficult to hear situations, such as when you go to a party and the music is louder than you would like it to be.

As we get older, there are key changes in our brain that affect our ability to hear in noisy restaurants and in group situations. Auditory training will address these difficulties, by training the hearing part of the brain to process sounds more effectively.

Amptify -The World's First Digital Therapeutic for Hearing Loss

The Amptify DTx is an evidence-based hearing healthcare program, that uses a proprietary digital toolkit, administered through a smartphone or PC, to provide ongoing and personalized hearing rehabilitation delivered by hearing experts, to help individuals optimally manage their hearing loss.

Amptify includes a suite of customizable computerized auditory brain training games that help improve specific cognitive and listening skills.  This hearing training is designed to complement your hearing aid or cochlear implant technology by teaching you to better recognise speech with your hearing devices.  It was developed following extensive research by hearing scientists at Washington University in USA. 

With Amptify, the user joins an online community with whom they can share tips or compete with, to further drive success. Amptify is motivating to play as it’s gamified and adaptive, so it’s fun and challenging to use.

Amptify includes online access to a Hearing Health Coach: a qualified Audiologist who track users weekly progress and provides personalized assistance and guidance on how to improve and reach individual hearing goals.

There is also an interactive curriculum with educational content, quizzes and challenges to enhance engagement and reinforce newly acquired hearing health knowledge. Over the 12-16 weeks, this will help maximize listening potential, improve social interactions, and address hearing challenges.

You can maximise your listening and communication potential with auditory training.  Contact Hearing Professionals on 1300 768 108 for further information and address your auditory training needs.

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