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We Are Different

we are different


With clinics throughout Melbourne, as well as Albury-Wodonga, Hearing Professionals are now Australia’s largest independent hearing care provider. We differ from other hearing care providers in a number of ways:

  • We are independent, in that we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer
  • No sales commissions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Highest training and staff qualifications
  • Freedom of choice
  • Advanced equipment and testing facilities
  • More affordable hearing care
  • Ten locations in ‘bricks and mortar’ clinics
  • We do not have ‘partner clinics’. All listed clinics are owned, operated and staffed by Hearing Professionals which meet our high standards and the requirements of the Office of Hearing Services (Commonwealth Government).


Best solutions at the best prices

We can understand that hearing aids are a considerable investment and that TRUST is an extremely important consideration. Having been in business since 1997, we remain focused on optimal client outcomes, coupled with reliable and readily accessible aftercare service.

Our hearing aids are approximately 20% less expensive than the equivalent model hearing aid of our vertically integrated competitors. This is most likely due, to our reduced marketing costs, we do not pay our staff sales commissions and we pass these savings onto our clients. Other advantages include:

  • Pay in clinic on day of fitting. No upfront payments over the internet.
  • Visit our clinic and meet the audiologist before proceeding
  • A ‘no-fuss’ 30 day money back guarantee (less $250 administration fee)

Fitting and rehabilitation packages

Successful fittings rely equally on the following:

  • The hearing aids themselves
  • The expertise, trust and service of your hearing care professional, which is the key to ensure that the technology is programmed to best suit your individual needs

Hearing aids are medical devices, rather than consumer electronics devices. Therefore, there it takes time and rehabilitation for the user to become familiar once again to auditory stimulation. It can take time to ensure the best fit this often requires more than one review follow-up appointment.

At Hearing Professionals, we are here for the long term to assist our clients in the best way possible over many years through their hearing journey. Our primary business is to rehabilitate hearing – not just sell hearing aids. For this reason we may recommend a full aural rehabilitation program.

To discuss this in more detail please contact us to make a free appointment.


Why is independence so important?

Quite simply, independence equals freedom of choice.

Many clients who visit other hearing care providers in Melbourne and country Victoria are not aware that foreign hearing aid manufacturers now own the vast majority of clinics. Over the last 10 years, manufacturers have either bought out or squeezed out independent and other family-owned practices in Melbourne, as a way of securing distribution channels for their own line of hearing aids.

Given the rapid development of hearing aid technology in recent years, no one manufacturer takes the lead in any specific range of technology for very long. For this reason, only independent hearing care companies are able to ensure that you will be informed of today’s best available solution.

We simply advise you of your options from the complete range of all the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. So, what clinics are subsidiaries of foreign-owned hearing aid manufacturers and organisations?

Company Country of Origin Owns these hearing clinics And manufactures these brands of hearing aids
William Demant Holdings Denmark
  • Audioclinic
  • Hearing Life
  • Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions
  • Western Hearing Services
  • Carter Hearing
  • Oticon
  • Bernafon
Sonova Switzerland
  • Connect Hearing!
  • Triton Hearing
  • Hearing Planet
  • Phonak
  • Unitron
Widex Denmark
  • Bloom Hearing
  • Widex
Amplifon Italy
  • National Hearing Care
  • Bay Audiology (NZ)
Starkey USA
  • iHear
  • Starkey

While in other industries and professions this can create greater efficiencies, this has not led to cheaper hearing aids at all. It has however been to the detriment of hearing care and consumer choice.

Hearing Professionals is independently owned from any of the hearing aid manufacturers. This means that we offer all leading brands of hearing aids for the best client outcome.


No sales commissions

As logic dictates, audiologists and audiometrists within manufacturer owned clinics are strongly urged to prescribe the devices of one manufacturer regardless of the individual needs of the client. After all, their company will makes more money selling their own range of devices.

Their audiologists typically earn much more commission on the company range (the carrot). Additionally, their performance is measured on percentages of company products fitted (the stick).

As stated by the ABC Radio National investigation “Have I got a Hearing aid for you!” some clinics pay sales commissions to their audiologists. More information can be found here.

In contrast, at Hearing Professionals we do NOT pay commissions to staff on hearing aid sales at all. We feel this could encourage staff to not take a holistic approach to hearing care – including identifying other measures for improving a client’s hearing and lifestyle such as cerumen removal (earwax), neuromonics (tinnitus treatments), Cochlear Implants and Auditory Rehabilition (counselling).


Excellent customer service

We are a family-owned business and we believe in providing ‘good old fashioned’ service. Our team is trained to provide the best customer service possible, and we are continually striving to improve our customer service.

Hearing Professionals does not believe that optimal customer service can be attained by having ‘visiting’ sites (sites where an audiologist is only present on site minimum 1 half day per month). Hearing Professionals have NO visiting sites and all of our Melbourne-based and Wodonga sites are permanent.

This means that we open for business everyday for hearing tests, on the spot aid repairs, maintenance and battery dispensing and you have greater access to our Audiologists.


Advanced equipment and testing facilities

All of our sites have soundproof booths. Competitor visiting sites, in general, do not use soundproof booths to conduct hearing tests. We know that best results can only be achieved by using the best equipment and we will not take short cuts and compromise on quality.


Highest levels of staff training and certification

Our Melbourne clinics employ both Audiometrists and Audiologists.

An Audiometrist requires a Certificate of Audiometry (less than 1 year of part time study), and is typically focused on the evaluation of hearing loss and hearing aids as an intervention. Audiologists, however, have a Masters degree in Audiology (or equivalent), which translates to 5 years full time study covering all aspects related to medical auditory health care.

By employing both, we offer a broader evaluation and rehabilitation offering which is not just focused on an aided solution. Where an aided solution is appropriate our enhanced fitting expertise is more beneficial to our clients.


Our referral sources do not have a financial interest in our business

A significant number of audiology clinics are actually owned by Ear Nose and Throat Specialists (ENT’s), so that the ENT’s refer patients to these clinics where they have a financial interest. Our referral sources assess us entirely on our expertise and experience. Would you go to a financial adviser referred by your bank, if you knew the referring bank owned them? Examples of ENT owned audiology clinics include Attune Hearing, Neurosensory and Victorian Hearing.

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