Why healthcare practitioners recommend IAA members for all audiological services

Q:       As a healthcare practitioner, you may be wondering where to send your patients in light of these common practices?

 A:       Members of Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) are university qualified audiologists who own their own practices offer a viable alternative service delivery for Government and private patients.

 IAA Members deliver evidence-based family centred audiological care for your patients according to the IAA code of ethics and professional practice.

 Your patients will receive:

·          Independent professional impartial advice

·         A comprehensive diagnostic audiological assessment after collecting a comprehensive case history including the otological health, hearing requirements and lifestyle of your patient.

·         A clear explanation of all audiological results and provision of a written report to the patient and referring doctor in compliance with the Privacy Act.

·         Evidence based rehabilitation plans that may or may not include prescribed hearing devices. 

·         Hearing devices prescribed to meet clinical and family needs based on realistic expectations, auditory and cognitive ability within funding and budgetary restrictions.  

·         Transparent billing of devices and services.

·         Long term care for the impact of hearing and balance disorders for the individual, family and community.

Defined and transparent relationships with the hearing device industry. 

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