Andrew Drummond

A Wonderful Experience

Andrew Drummond was looking for help with his hearing. He came across Hearing Professionals in a Google listing and was pleasantly surprised by our website. He found it highly informative, with a strong focus on client needs. Andrew felt our story was well-presented and easy to understand. It was clear to him that our founder, Lys Allison, had extensive audiological experience and a long history in the field. Andrew says, “The company’s story was engaging and reassuring. It was obvious to me that care and supporting clients was their priority.”

Andrew came to Hearing Professionals for Micro-suctioning. He had previously undergone this procedure at another clinic. His experience was far from positive. “I felt I needed someone with more experience to address my needs. Someone I could share my issues with and who would listen to me. Also someone who was professional and had a good understanding of the ear. After exploring the Hearing Professionals website and reading many positive reviews for their clinics online, I called the 1300 number and made a booking.”

Andrew found himself at our Ivanhoe clinic within a few days. He was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful building he had just entered, and made to feel at home by the warm welcome of our receptionist. He was promptly seen by his audiologist, Dr Naz Ahmadi. His procedure was completed well within the time allocated for his appointment, but in no way did he feel rushed or hurried out the door. “Dr Ahmadi was lovely. She took the time to discuss my medical history with me, and answered my many questions. She really set my mind at ease. The procedure itself was as pleasant as possible, and instantly made a difference. It was a big relief after my previous experience. Dr Ahmadi provided such a great service and was so helpful. She even took the time to give me some useful information about additional ear care I could carry out at home, even though that meant it might be longer before my next visit! I really appreciated this. To me, it showed that my health was Dr Ahmadi’s highest priority, rather than trying to get me back to the clinic as soon as possible. Dr Ahmadi also had a great bedside manner and her knowledge of ear health was extensive. I would be more than happy to recommend this service to my family and friends. In no way did I feel pressured to buy anything I didn’t need, nor did I feel like they were suggesting I needed hearing aids. It was clear that they had my best interests at heart.”

Andrew thoroughly enjoyed his experience with us at Hearing Professionals and wanted to share his story with you. He also pointed out how pleased he was that we are an independent clinic and not owned by any one particular manufacturer. This was reassuring and gave him peace of mind, knowing he would not be pressured in any way.

Andrew Drummond

Proud to be providing hearing services to the local community for the last 25 years!

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