Invisible hearing aids

IIC hearing aids sit beyond the bend of the ear canal, making them completely invisible.
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Hearing Professionals are Melbourne’s largest independent and family-owned hearing care provider – Hearing Aids Specialist

Dr Hear Good, Youtube Channel​

Check out our helpful videos, including tips on ‘how to pair your hearing Aids to your phone’ & ‘how to change your batteries’ plus plenty more.

Hearing Aid Buyers Guide

What is truly the best solution for you? Our expert panel research devices from every leading manufacturer to arrive at recommendations based on size, benefits, your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget considerations.


Read fantastic stories about the challenges of hearing loss and the pathway to a better quality of life faced by clients of Hearing Professionals.

Free Health & Hearing Magazine

We have put together a complete resource on hearing, hearing loss, and modern hearing aids. Order your free copy here.

Financial Assistance

Access funding for hearing services and solutions. Funding exists for pensioners and veterans, for workers compensation cases, and through health insurance for working Australians.

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Hearing Professionals have 10 clinics located throughout Melbourne, as well as a clinic in Wodonga. View locations of our clinics here.

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Lys Allison
Lys Allison
Viviana Liou
Viviana Liou
Simone Clyde - Audiologist Melbourne
Simone Clyde
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Dominic Riga
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Hearing Test with Hearing Aid or loss / Sound Wave
Covid-19 Update

Essential Audiology Service Provider– Update on COVID-19 WE ARE OPEN Friday, 28th May 2021 Hearing Professionals would like to assure

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