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Proudly Independent - Audiologist Melbourne

Unlike most clinics throughout Australia, we are not owned or aligned to a hearing aid manufacturer. Therefore, you can be assured that we will always offer independent advice and discuss the full range of solutions that are suited to your needs - including hearing aids from ALL leading manufacturers.

Best Solutions. Best Outcomes. Guaranteed.

You'll have access to solutions from ALL the world's leading hearing aid suppliers, including the invisible Lyric hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Buyers Guide

What is truly the best solution for you? Our expert panel research devices from every leading manufacturer to arrive at recommendations based on size, benefits, your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget considerations.


Read fantastic stories about the challenges of hearing loss and the pathway to a better quality of life faced by clients of Hearing Professionals.

Free Health & Hearing Magazine

We have put together a complete resource on hearing, hearing loss, and modern hearing aids. Order your free copy here.

Financial Assistance

Access funding for hearing services and solutions. Funding exists for pensioners and veterans, for workers compensation cases, and through health insurance for working Australians.

Our Locations

Hearing Professionals have 10 clinics located throughout Melbourne, as well as a clinic in Wodonga. View locations of our clinics here.

Meet our Audiology Team

We're extremely proud of the team of audiologists, audiometrists and customer care staff we have brought into our organisation over the years. We currently have a team of 20, with 11 audiologists. Here are some of our key personnel.

Lys Allison

As Founder and Director of Audiology, Lys leads a team of highly-skilled audiologists.

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Viviana Liou

Has served people with hearing needs in Melbourne's eastern suburbs since 1998.

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Cassandra Kerr

Cassandra Kerr has been the Clinic Manager and Senior Audiologist in the Brighton clinic since 2016.

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Simone Clyde

Simone has returned to the Albury-Wodonga region after furthering her studies and career in Melbourne.

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Latest News from Hearing Professionals

We will regularly post articles and videos of interest to you from the world of hearing care.

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We currently deemed an essential service and all clinics are still operating. WE ARE OPEN We are taking all reasonable…

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What patients say About Hearing Professionals

  • “Naz has been a most caring and efficient hearing professional. She listened to, heard and acted on my hearing situation. I experienced great respect. Thank you Naz.”

  • "It is not sales that drive Cassandra but her genuine passion to restore peoples’ hearing."

  • New Bluetooth-enabled Signia Nx hearing aids have finally delivered Cathy Blakey close to normal hearing.

  • Maureen Shand’s journey highlights the advancements in hearing technology over the last 57 years, culminating in her latest digital hearing aids, which she describes as a ‘miracle’.

  • “I am so happy that persistence paid off and I found Lys Allison at Hearing Professionals. It has changed not only my life, but my husband and family are for the better too.”

  • Malcolm Gillies

    “A few months ago, Simone called after being at a training session for these new Signa Pure BT (Bluetooth) hearing aids. They seemed to tick all the boxes. And now I want others to know the huge difference they have made to my life. You could say, I have done the hard yards, so hopefully others won’t have to.”

  • beach shot

    "Hearing all the environmental sounds I had been missing and forgotten was very pleasurable; enjoying music again is simply brilliant, hearing well in social situations has given me more confidence I didn’t realise I’d lost. I have even rediscovered the fun of deploying a quick wit in conversations which I’d lost as I wasn’t always sure I had the gist of conversations."

  • Ian Murphy 220

    "One of the first things I’d notice is all the simple sounds that I had been missing - wind, rain, birds. But the ability to communicate properly in a whole range of situations…. let’s just say that life is so much easier... No doubt my friends and wife wish that I had something earlier."

  • debbie dover 220

    "It took me about 2-years to do something about it... then it was like ‘wow’. I had no idea what I’d been missing. I even noticed the cat purring for the first time in ages... The sound quality from the TV is incredible and the hearing aids will still pick up the signal from the kitchen if I making myself a cup of tea..."

  • Don Kordick

    “Noisy restaurants used to be impossible... That has all changed.... I was recommended by another audiologist to see Lys Allison and her team at Hearing Professionals." And there was a huge difference. They are independent.. I recommend them to everyone without reservation.”

  • mike dolan

    “I now hear lots of things which I missed before. They’ve been great for my confidence in presenting seminars and have turned my hearing difficulties on their head… people have no idea that I am wearing hearing aids, unless I first point this out to them and show where they sit discreetly behind my ear.”

  • jim mcniece

    I really want to encourage someone in a situation like I had been in to stop delaying and pick up the phone and make an appointment… more than ever, I appreciate how important hearing is to quality of life and people need to understand that they are worth it. They have completely changed my life!”

  • Marleina Vella

    "Simone’s impeccable professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge have been a delightful change in service. Her willingness to rectify the problems encountered by Dad, is worthy of great commendation... We only wish that Dad had relocated to Hearing Professionals sooner! Thank you for restoring our faith!"

  • chris march 1

    “I can’t rave enough about how great Simone has been. Even when I was happy, she wanted to do more. Instantly the hearing aids that she recommended sounded bloody amazing. So clear. So comfortable.”

  • rod horsfield

    "I do a lot of cycling with a group of friends and Beth (wife) was a little concerned about my safety… specifically not being able to hear traffic. Now when I am out riding, I can carry on a conversation with the person next to me and don’t ride off into the distance anymore when a friend is yelling out ‘stop I have a puncture!'"