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Barry: Signia hearing aids story

Barry owns a busy restaurant and was finding that his hearing loss was making communication difficult at work. He did something about it and sought the help of a hearing care professional.

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Signia primax

By improving sound quality and audibility, and by tailoring settings
to the wearers individual preference, Signia primax is clinically proven* to lead the world in minimising listening effort.

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ReSound LiNX explained in a video

This video explains how the ReSound LiNX offers a superior sound experience, setting new standards for hearing aid performance. This Made for iPhone hearing aid provides direct sound streaming, personalised to your every…

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Siemens Micon – A Look Into The Technology

Siemens micon hearing devices separate incoming sound into 48 frequency bands – more than twice that of comparable hearing aids. By analysing each of these bands for the presence of background noise and feedback.

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Siemens introduces new binax hearing aid

According to research released by the manufacturer, Siemens, the binax is the first hearing aid that provides wearers with “better than normal hearing” in challenging environments. Read the full press release here.

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