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Unitron Stride M Pro mini BTE

unitron-stride-m-pro-buy-melbourneGreat strides in hearing technology!

The Stride Pro M BTE is Unitron’s most advanced technology inside a hearing aid that is built to withstand most lifestyles. It features an automatic program that adapts the hearing aids across seven listening environments, and SpeechZone2 (which helps the listener to better hear speech in noise, regardless of the direction of speech). The Stride Pro M BTE is suited to those who have moderate-to-severe difficulties hearing in background noise.

The Unitron Stride Pro M BTE hearing aid offers premium sound quality, distortion free performance in loud environments, and fantastic music fidelity.


Value Package

  • Free hearing test and discussion*
  • Hearing aids
  • Professional custom fitting by an experienced audiologist**
  • One review follow-up appointment and adjustment
  • 3-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee**
  • Pay in clinic on day of fitting
  • 12 months free in-house servicing and cleaning of hearing aids
  • 10 convenient locations
  • You will be fitted at Hearing Professionals by our expert team (i.e. no partner clinics)
* Over 50 years old and excludes written reports.
** Includes computer programming of hearing aids to your unique pattern of hearing loss, electroacoustic analysis of the fitting (Real Ear Measurement), and preliminary counselling.
*** Less a $250 admin fee per hearing aid
* If required, custom made earmoulds are an additional $95 each (non-refundable)
* Pay in clinic on day of fitting. No upfront online payments required.
* Hearing aids are GST exempt

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