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Starkey Halo 2 i2400


starkey-halo2-i2400-buy-melbourneMade for you!

Stay connected to the people and things you love most. Halo 2 is Starkey’s most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and premium features, customisable to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experiences.

Halo 2 are engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad,® iPod touch® and Apple Watch.® Together, Halo 2 and TruLink deliver the most personalised hearing experience ever, and are designed to:

  • Deliver pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity
  • Help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in any noisy environment
  • Stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids
  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling
  • Enjoy your favourite music in a whole new way with features that: focus on music audibility, desired loudness and sound quality; make soft music sounds audible; allow on-demand and automatic control


Value Package

  • Free hearing test and discussion*
  • Hearing aids
  • Professional custom fitting by an experienced audiologist**
  • One review follow-up appointment and adjustment
  • 3-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee**
  • Pay in clinic on day of fitting
  • 12 months free in-house servicing and cleaning of hearing aids
  • 10 convenient locations
  • You will be fitted at Hearing Professionals by our expert team (i.e. no partner clinics)
* Over 50 years old and excludes written reports.
** Includes computer programming of hearing aids to your unique pattern of hearing loss, electroacoustic analysis of the fitting (Real Ear Measurement), and preliminary counselling.
*** Less a $250 admin fee per hearing aid
* If required, custom made earmoulds are an additional $95 each (non-refundable)
* Pay in clinic on day of fitting. No upfront online payments required.
* Hearing aids are GST exempt

Free Hearing Aid Discussion & Hearing Test

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