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Hearing Awareness Week

In celebration of our 12th birthday, we’re hosting a FREE family friendly open day on the 20th August and we’d love for you to come joins us!

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Barry: Signia hearing aids story

Barry owns a busy restaurant and was finding that his hearing loss was making communication difficult at work. He did something about it and sought the help of a hearing care professional.

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Signia primax

By improving sound quality and audibility, and by tailoring settings
to the wearers individual preference, Signia primax is clinically proven* to lead the world in minimising listening effort.

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ReSound LiNX explained in a video

This video explains how the ReSound LiNX offers a superior sound experience, setting new standards for hearing aid performance. This Made for iPhone hearing aid provides direct sound streaming, personalised to your every…

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Siemens Micon – A Look Into The Technology

Siemens micon hearing devices separate incoming sound into 48 frequency bands – more than twice that of comparable hearing aids. By analysing each of these bands for the presence of background noise and feedback.

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